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Tie-Matic HD78-220V Twist Tie Machine (7/8” Maximum)

Electric binding machine for setting bundles, rings and materials of all kinds


Using consumer preferred twist-ties, the HD78-220V secures product bundles with just 2 ½ twists.  The Tie-Matic HD78-220V Machine is manufactured in the USA and CE Certified for International use. With up to 60 ties per minute, the speed and accuracy of the twist tying mechanism provides a substantial gain over traditional manual tying.Made of a durable, all-metal frame, the Tie-Matic HD78-220V is built to take the heavy load of a challenging

Technische Daten

KapazitätSelbstnachstellender Bereich  bis 22mm Bündelstärke
Anzahl der Verdrehungen2,5 volle Drehungen
Drahtlänge pro Bindung127mm
Geschwindigkeit bis zu 60 Abbindungen/ Min.
Breite unten240mm
Spannung230 V, 50 Hz

Technische Daten Bindedraht Exklusiv Plas-Ties Bindedraht 1-fach Weiß

Länge Bindedraht600m/Spule
Materialbreite4mm einfacher Draht zentriert
Verpackungseinheit5 Spulen/Karton
Kartongewicht7,5 Kg
Abbindungen pro Spule4800

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