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Duplex D2

Sheath and wire stripper with hand lever


Duplex D2 Equipment to dismantle and stripp multi - cored cable, for example 5 x 1,5 mm².


  • Put the cable between the blades towards the length - stop.
  • Fix it with the lever and turn the disc.
  • First blades dismantle the cable, second blades stipp the strands.


Data sheet

Technical specifications

Dismantling lengthup to 170 mm
Cable diameterup to max. about 11 mm
Dismantling knife as a pair with following diameters:2-3-4-5 mm; 2,5-3,5-4,5-5,5 mm
6-7-8-9 mm; 6,5-7,5-8,5-9,5 mm
Flat blade for stripping the inner conductor 
weight4,2 kg

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