Arno Fuchs Kabeltechnik - Kabelbearbeitungsmaschinen aus Esslingen

Simplomat 30

Pneumatic dismantling machine


For cables up to Ø 20 mm (Type 20) or Ø 30 mm (Type 30).


  • Insert the cable through guide sleeve to the stop — infinitely adjustable length stop.
  • Press foot switch — the cable is fixed — adjustable contact pressure.
  • Outer covering is out up and stripped off — length stop moves back — the stripped ends drop directly out of the machine.
  • The cable is set free and can be removed.
  • Release foot switch — the machine returns to starting position.
  • Change of blades and sleeve to other cable types is limited to 30 seconds approx.


  • Stripping speed: 150 mm/sec
  • Blades Ø: 1,0 mm-26,0 mm
  • Graduation: 0,5 mm / 1,0 mm
  • Sleeves Ø: 3,0 mm-25,0 mm
  • Air pressure: 6 bar


Data sheet

Technical specifications

Cabel Ø max.3030303030
Dismantling length10030050010001500
Dimensions in mm     

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